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Diver Operated Dredging

Diver operated dredge

Underwater dredging is the process of excavating material such as mud, weed, and cargo from the bed of a water body. It clears the bed of the body by scooping up material with the use of a dredge.

You may want to execute a dredge to clear the water body, reshape the land, or alter drainage. It is often performed with a diver at the helm for better efficiency of the operation.

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Diver Operated Dredging
Diver Operated Dredging

What is a Diver operated Dredge?

A diver dredge is a dredging operation that is performed with a diver at the helm of the operation. Also called diver operated dredge, diver assisted dredge, or diver controlled dredge, the process is more efficient in nature.

The diver can maneuver the process seamlessly and make sure every bit of debris is picked by the equipment. A trained scuba diver can perform the role of a diver that operates the dredge.

As a result, a diver operated dredge has better accuracy than a vessel dredge. A diver can even get it places the vessel cannot and clean up the bed effectively.

Dredge diving equipment

The most important equipment used in diver operated dredging is a dredge pump. It is a heavy-duty centrifugal pump. It moves sediment, mud, and other debris from the surface of the dredging site to the discharge site with the help of a pipe or a hose.

ABCO uses a purpose-built pump and a venturi system that’s diver operated for effective cleaning. It is both cost-effective and gives better results than, say, vessel dredging with standard equipment.

Other equipment includes cranes, lift bags, dredge guards, and membranes that help in the process. All equipment used in the process is completely safe for usage by anyone, professional or not.

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Diver Operated Dredging

The purpose of a underwater Dredging

There are many reasons to dredge a water body. It keeps the waterways clean and easy to navigate. The area around ports is especially in need of a thorough cleaning from time to time. It also contributes to coastal protection and redevelopment.

If the land beneath the water body is noticed to be eroding, dredging can help correct the erosion. It can also play a part in reclaiming a land piece that was earlier lost to decay.

Dredging also plays a significant role in protecting the environment. Cleaning up debris from time to time cleans up the ocean and rids it of pollution caused by the accumulation of contaminated sediments.

Lastly, dredging helps clean up areas for new construction. If you want to establish a new port in a place, you should ideally begin with cleaning up the area thoroughly.

Why use a diver operated Dredge?

While you can certainly conduct a dredging operation via other modes such as vessel dredging, a diver operated dredge is simply a much more efficient way to accomplish the task. It is a more controlled and selective method of carrying out a dredge operation.

Firstly, it is a more focused approach. The diver goes in the water and leads the equipment just as it needs to, eliminating guesswork and saving you time. Secondly, a diver can get in places machines cannot.

A diver operated dredge is faster, more convenient, and more effective while costing you the same amount more or less. A diver can also give you a more accurate account of the location in their report.

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Diver Operated Dredging
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Diver Operated Dredging
Diver Operated Dredging

Diver Operated Dredging with ABCO

Dredging is a necessary procedure done to ensure the health of the water bodies you operate in. You may want to get one done to clear the land around your port or simply allow your vessels to move freely.

ABCO conducts diver operated dredges that are fast, convenient, and thoroughly effective in rejuvenating the marine environment around you. Contact ABCO and ensure the safety of your docks today.

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