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Underwater Hull Cleaning

Also called careening, hull cleaning is the process of cleaning the hull of a boat off corrosion, old paintwork, algae, dirt, grime, and bacteria. A thorough cleaning of the hull of a boat increases the life of the hull, its propellers and the boat overall.

Your vessel’s hull should be cleaned at least once a month in general, and once a fortnight in summers. It helps keep it in the best of health and enhances its performance.

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Hull Cleaning
Hull Cleaning

Underwater Hull Cleaning and Inspections

Hull cleaning is essential for your boat’s cleanliness and performance. You can conduct annual inspections to check the health of your vessel’s hull. It helps determine the cleaning and repairs it needs if any.

A General Liability Insurance is important for getting your boat cleaned at any point. Make sure you get ahead of it before you inspect or clean your boat professionally.

It is also important to take diligent care of your vessel to deter any destruction of your boat. Hull cleaning plays a major role in it.

Boat hull video inspection

With the rise of technology, hull inspections can now be conducted with underwater drones. Video inspections make the process easier by allowing you to document the conditions of the hull and acting as a guide in the cleaning as well.

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Hull Cleaning

Benefits of keeping your boats hull clean

Hull cleaning is important to maintain the overall health of your boat. Here are some key benefits of keeping your boat hull clean:

  • Enhances performances.
  • Eliminates bacteria buildup.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Enhances the appearance of your boat.
  • Helps you save costs.

What is the best way to clean the hull of a boat?

The best way to clean the hull of a boat is with the help of professional services. Divers will be able to reach places cleaning vessels might not. Additionally, use non-phosphate detergents to not harm the environment.

How often should a boat hull be cleaned?

A boat’s hull should be cleaned every 4-12 weeks for optimal performance. You may clean it once every month and once every fortnight in the summers or when you partake in more operations.

Annual inspections help detect issues before they can get out of hand. They also help you schedule the cleaning of your boat’s hull depending on the current condition of the hull.

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Hull Cleaning
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Why choose ABCO?

Cost Saving Ideas

We use modern approaches to find solutions for our clients and often present more cost effective alternatives where possible.

Covering all of Queensland

Based on the Sunshine Coast, ABCO services all of Queensland, working for clients from Gladstone to the Gold Coast.

Detailed Reports

ABCO provides comprehensive Reports that also include videos and photos detailing everything required plus more.

Hull Cleaning
Hull Cleaning

How much does underwater hull cleaning cost?

The cost of cleaning the hull of your boat varies depending on the solution you choose — a diver or an ROV — along with the size of your boat. It can be charged on the basis of per metre area covered or on an hourly basis.

You can make changes to the procedure to suit you best. In general, hull cleaning rates in Australia begin from $200 to all the way till $1500.

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Hull Cleaning
Hull Cleaning

Underwater Hull Cleaning with ABCO

Periodic Hull Cleaning is crucial to the safety and performance of your boats. It helps you determine the safety standards as well as identify potential faults to enhance performance.

ABCO provides hull cleaning that is comprehensive, detailed, and thorough, yet easy on the pocket. Contact ABCO and ensure the best health of your boat today.

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