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Mooring Inspections

Why are Mooring Inspections so Important?

Mooring is the single most important procedure when it comes to loading and anchoring boats. It is crucial for the safety of the vessel’s operations that the mooring system is in its most optimal health at all times.

A mooring inspection validates the integrity of the mooring systems to be used on a day-to-day basis. It is the one procedure you should never overlook.

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Mooring Inspections
Mooring Inspections

Annual Inspections of Moorings

Moorings are mandated by insurance companies to be inspected on an annual basis. This is important to ensure the utmost safety of the equipment, your boat, and the people who operate it.

Your insurance company will send a mooring inspector who will lift and inspect your mooring. He will then proceed to fill out an Annual Mooring Inspection Form to testify his findings.

Do you have to have a swing mooring inspected?

Yes, you are obligated to the law to have your swing mooring inspected periodically. Since the most damage occurs at the sea bed, the swing is constantly deteriorating.

You need to ensure that it is safe and fit for use to moor your boat with a mooring inspection.

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Mooring Inspections

Detailed Mooring Inspection Reports

A standard mooring inspection report will entail details about you, the owner of the system and equipment, your boat, and its license apart from the mooring details.

ABCO reports comprehensively take into account everything from the mooring installations to the vessel strength, rope condition, and the chain length.

The report will also include videos and photos detailing the condition of the mooring equipment to ensure full transparency about the state of your mooring procedure.

Mooring Rope Inspection Checklist

Other than the annual inspection of the entire boat and its equipment, the mooring rope should be inspected on a monthly basis. The acitine degradation can quickly compromise the integrity of the rope, making it essential to check its durability and strength.

Here is a checklist for the mooring inspection of the rope:

  • Wear and tear
  • Man-made fibers of the rope
  • Acitine degradation
  • Pressure points
  • Overall integrity
  • Loose coils

However, if the rope has suffered numerous small damages, the entire rope should be replaced instead of damaged parts.

Mooring Chain Inspection

For the mooring inspection of the chain, all the cables need to be dismantled from the boat and spread out on the dock. It allows the inspector to examine them closely and find faults that may have escaped the eye.

Mooring Compliance Certificates

A mooring compliance certificate is a certificate of compliance given for a mooring system. The inspector will examine the system, and submit their report for you to be granted the certificate.

You can obtain a mooring compliance certificate from ABCO. It will examine the installation and maintenance of your system and provide you with a certificate that will help you with insurance.

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Mooring Inspections
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Why choose ABCO?

Cost Saving Ideas

We use modern approaches to find solutions for our clients and often present more cost effective alternatives where possible.

Covering all of Queensland

Based on the Sunshine Coast, ABCO services all of Queensland, working for clients from Gladstone to the Gold Coast.

Detailed Reports

ABCO provides comprehensive Reports that also include videos and photos detailing everything required plus more.

Mooring Inspections
Mooring Inspections

Mooring Repairs & Maintenance

Additionally, ABCO provides repairs and maintenance that help you get your mooring system in top-notch shape for smooth functioning.

You don’t have to book it separately either. Repair and maintenance works can be performed during an ongoing inspection to save you time and money.

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Mooring Inspections

Mooring Inspection Cost

The cost for a mooring inspection in Australia varies depending on the size of your boat. Vessel lengths of around 7m cost over $550 to inspect whereas big vessels of around 10m cost upwards of $1050.

Mooring inspection costs with ABCO begin at $500 to give you excellent service at low costs.

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Mooring Inspections
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Mooring Inspections
Mooring Inspections

Mooring Inspections with ABCO

A periodic Mooring inspection is the lifeblood of a boat functioning. You should not compromise on the safety of your boat and only opt for the best.

ABCO provides mooring inspections that are comprehensive, detailed, and thorough, yet easy on the pocket. Contact ABCO and ensure the safety of your boat today.

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