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Vessel Hire / Charter

Vessel Hire / Charter

Vessel hire or chartering is the service that allows the hiring of a boat for uses such as transportation, carrying goods or carrying out operations. The hire is meant to be for a certain period of time and at a fixed rate.

A charter service allows small business owners to rent a vessel for performing jobs without owning the vessel or investing in its upkeep.

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Vessel Hire / Charter
Vessel Hire / Charter

Vessel Hire

ABCO offers a variety of vessels to hire from, helping you pick just the right kind of boat for the job. You can hire charter boats, head boats, dive boats, and barges of varying sizes to get your project done in a timely manner.

Our vessels boast of an excellent standard of hygiene and cleanliness along with outstanding performances to boot. They will perform the job in less time to help you save your money and effort in the process.

Dry/Wet Boat Hire

You will have the option to hire vessels with or without a crew, depending on the job you need to perform.

A bareboat charter is an arrangement where a boat is hired without any crew or skipper to lead it. It is a good option for routine tasks that do not require manual input.

Hiring the boat along with a crew is ideal for operations that may be lengthy or require manual intelligence to be performed efficiently.

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Vessel Hire / Charter

Barge Hire

A barge is a marine vessel that is typically used for the transportation of cargo. You may opt for a barge hire to transport goods from one place to another.

Barges can also be used for operations involving dredging, marine salvage, transportation of heavy equipment and other support purposes.

K1 – 6.5 Metre

A 6.5-metre vessel that is self-propelled acts as an excellent landing barge. It also performs as a dive vessel. It is perfect for both maintenance and construction work.

Diving vessels in particular are used for underwater repair, construction and inspection, even in harsh environments.

ABCO 1 – 7 Metre

Beetle Barge / 3 Tonne Lift Capability / A Frame / Moon Pool

Vessels ranging from 1 to 7 metres offer a large variety of functions. Beetle barges can come in handy for pile maintenance. They can hold up to 3 tonnes of weight while allowing seamless movement and operational efficiency.

Use heavy steel construction barges to aid in heavier operations such as bridgework and construction support.

ABCO 2 – 4 Metre

Poly Pontoon Barge – Multipurpose

A 2 to 4 metre vessel is ideal for support in multiple varying operations. A plastic pontoon barge will help in shallow water construction. It can also be used in recreational water activities.

You may cruise inland in the summer months or enjoy fishing in the colder months to make use of the pontoon vessels.

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Vessel Hire / Charter
The Right Team

Why choose ABCO?

Cost Saving Ideas

We use modern approaches to find solutions for our clients and often present more cost effective alternatives where possible.

Covering all of Queensland

Based on the Sunshine Coast, ABCO services all of Queensland, working for clients from Gladstone to the Gold Coast.

Detailed Reports

ABCO provides comprehensive Reports that also include videos and photos detailing everything required plus more.

Vessel Hire / Charter

Boat Charter

Boat charter is the practice of hiring boats of various sizes and capacities for different uses. Many people hire luxurious boats for leisure and recreational activities while others hire boats of non-luxurious nature simply for commercial purposes.

You may charter a sailboat or a yacht depending on the nature of the activity you need it for. It is an inexpensive way to experience marine activities without investing in it. You also don’t have to worry about its upkeep and maintenance.

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Vessel Hire / Charter
ABCO Commercial Diving
Have a commercial diving project that you need help with? We offer a wide range of services at affordable rates.
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Vessel Hire / Charter
Vessel Hire / Charter

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Charter or vessel hire offers an option to use professional boats and vessels to perform operations on a routine basis without having to invest heavily in them.

Renting a boat helps you perform a job with ease without worrying about maintenance, upkeep, or modification to suit the process every time.

ABCO offers charters of every shape and size that suit any and all needs of your operations. They are compact, swift, and efficient in performance all while being easy on your pocket.

Contact ABCO today for your next boat hire and your next successful operation.

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