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Reservoirs and Tank Inspections and Repairs

Reservoirs and tanks are confined water storage facilities. They accumulate dirt and bacteria over time leading to the water getting contaminated and water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera, and lead poisoning.

It is important to conduct water tank inspections and water reservoir inspections from time to time and thoroughly clean them to keep the water safe for usage.

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Reservoirs and Tanks
Reservoirs and Tanks

Potable Water Tank Inspection

Water tanks are in need of cleaning due to many reasons. The most prominent of them is the fact that water should not stay stationary for too long. Water in a tank can accumulate dirt and bacteria over time.

Moreover, the inside of the tank can accumulate rust. This leads to contamination of the potable water. Regular inspection can help detect the buildup of bacteria and take measures to clean the water tank.

Water tank inspection requirements

You should schedule at least one inspection of the tank per year. Here is what all you need for a water tank inspection:

  • Prepare dump
  • Inspection equipment
  • A clean vehicle
  • Cleaning pump
  • Equipment to clean

Upon inspection, the inspector will prepare a report of their observations to help you take further action in cleaning.

Leak Detection

What can often be a little amount of damage can grow exponentially if not detected at the right time. If your water tank has a leak, it can be treated more efficiently with less effort when detected in the early stage.

You will be able to save yourself some big expenses as well as the trouble of repairing a big part of damage by repairing it as soon as you detect it. You also protect adjacent property from potential damage this way.

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Reservoirs and Tanks

Water Tank Cleaning

Water tank cleaning keeps your reserves in a hygienic state, prevents water-borne diseases, and saves you bigger damages by identifying them earlier.

It is not a complicated process as well. The cleaner will use soap or chemicals like caustic soda to clean the tank. The floor will be sponged with a rug to completely sanitise the area.

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Reservoirs and Tanks
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Cost Saving Ideas

We use modern approaches to find solutions for our clients and often present more cost effective alternatives where possible.

Covering all of Queensland

Based on the Sunshine Coast, ABCO services all of Queensland, working for clients from Gladstone to the Gold Coast.

Detailed Reports

ABCO provides comprehensive Reports that also include videos and photos detailing everything required plus more.

Reservoirs and Tanks
Reservoirs and Tanks

Potable Water Reservoir Inspections

Water reservoirs may be bigger than simple tanks, but they require a similar approach when it comes to maintenance and inspection.

You may conduct a water reservoir inspection every three to five years. The reservoir is drained and denied all human entry to be inspected thoroughly. The inspector then reports on what repairs can be done to improve its condition.

The reservoir is then filled back up. The process can take up to three days.

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Reservoirs and Tanks

Water Reservoir Maintenance

Here is what you can do to maintain the health of your reservoir:

  • Regular inspection
  • Diligent cleaning
  • Sanitation and disinfection
  • Water quality control
  • Continuous checks

This process helps you ensure the best health of your reservoir without being hard on the pocket.

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Reservoirs and Tanks
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Reservoirs and Tanks
Reservoirs and Tanks

Working with ABCO Commercial Diving

Water tanks and reservoirs play a significant role in delivering you and your family clean, fresh water. It is your responsibility to keep them in a healthy state through inspections and repairs.

ABCO provides water tank inspections and water reservoir inspections that are comprehensive and thorough, yet easy on the pocket. Contact ABCO and ensure the best health of your tanks and reservoir today.

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