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Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction

Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction

Underwater physical construction and maintenance require skilled professionals who can navigate through the challenges of underwater installation, repair, maintenance, and so on.

For any individual, firm, or organization dealing with underwater structures, repairing and maintenance are two big issues. If they are not done properly and regularly, the underwater structure runs the risk of becoming dysfunctional or even collapsing.

From coordinating the transport of equipment to finding skilled divers who possess the technical knowledge necessary for underwater inspection and construction, the process is long-drawn and complicated. Unlike surface inspection and constriction, you cannot get away with underwater construction without experts.

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Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction
Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction

Underwater Inspections and Surveys

Underwater structures require diligent inspections at regular intervals to prevent things from going bad. Due to the hidden nature of underwater structures, it can be impossible to detect anomalies and flaws without physically diving into the water and inspecting the structure. But that requires two different skill sets altogether — diving and sound technical knowledge of construction.

In ABCO underwater inspections and surveys, you get a detailed report of preventive and preemptive measures that you can take to secure your underwater structures. Underwater inspections are indispensable for every kind of underwater structure.

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Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction

Underwater Construction & Repair

There are several types of underwater construction and repair, and each of them demands specialisation. That’s why it’s important to work with experts who know the ins and outs of underwater construction and maintenance. Over time, that’d play a key role in protecting the underwater structures and making sure they work perfectly.

Pile & Asset Remediation

One of the biggest challenges of underwater piles and assets is corrosion and natural wear and tear. Since the piles remain underwater, they are prone to corrosion. If left unchecked, this corrosion can affect every aspect of the underwater unit.

Underwater pile and asset remediation ensure that your structures are not facing any imminent danger. In case the inspection reveals otherwise, you need to repair the structures immediately.

Underwater asset installation

Underwater assets are commonly made of steel, timber, or concrete. When installing a new asset under the water, you need to consider the type of material you’re going to use, the construction type, and a lot more.

With expert divers-constructors, you can be assured of getting great results without personally researching the different aspects of underwater asset installation. Professional diver-constructors follow a strict plan and execute it precisely step by step.

Underwater Demolition

The challenges of underwater demolition include transporting the right equipment and collecting debris safely. It’s a hazardous task that only technicians with years of training and experience can carry out.

Demolition can be necessary to prevent a bigger accident or be included in a reconstruction plan. In either case, you need to ensure that the project is carried out safely and with minimum risk.

Underwater demolition can often be more challenging than underwater asset installation because of the steps involved. But with experts who have been doing this for years, you can demolish any underwater structure with ease.

Broco Welding/Cutting

Welding and cutting underwater requires specialised equipment and skilled personnel. The better the welding/cutting equipment is, the more precise the results would be. That makes it imperative to only work with experts who have the best-in-class welding and cutting tools and machinery.

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Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction
The Right Team

Why choose ABCO?

Cost Saving Ideas

We use modern approaches to find solutions for our clients and often present more cost effective alternatives where possible.

Covering all of Queensland

Based on the Sunshine Coast, ABCO services all of Queensland, working for clients from Gladstone to the Gold Coast.

Detailed Reports

ABCO provides comprehensive Reports that also include videos and photos detailing everything required plus more.

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Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction
Marine Inspection & Underwater Construction

Underwater Construction with ABCO

At ABCO, our aim is to deliver the best performance to clients in as little time as possible. We take care of the process from initial inspection to report making to the final constriction.

We have a team of experts for each aspect of marine inspections and underwater construction. Contact ABCO to know more.

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